Genre: Arcade Racing Platforms: : PC, VR, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Current Status: Alpha Estimated Release Date (VR): 2016 Game modes: Arcade Racing Championship, Combat Race and Mine Trial Arcade Racing: Similar to the classic arcade racing games from the 1990's such as Wave Race 64 and Outrun Combat Racing: Destroy your opponents using an array of weapons including Gatling guns, missiles and mines. Deploy force fields at strategic locations to deflect enemy projectiles and gain a strategic advantage Mine Trial: Avoid explosive mines as you racea Photorealistic real-world locations: Venice, London, Paris, Egypt, Borneo, Oxfordshire, Yosemite 8 futuristic speedboats to win and upgrade Highly realistic water physics 8 player real-time multiplayer Buddy Lists and Matchmaking Invite your Facebook friends to multiplayer matches Achievements, Trophies, Global Leaderboard Upload scores to Facebook, Twitter


Genre: Arcade Racing & Combat Racing Platforms: : PC, VR, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Status: Art in progress Estimated Release Date (VR): 2016 Arcade car racing game set in real-world locations including San Francisco, Yosemite, Mexico, Nevada, London, Venice, Egypt, Borneo Arcade Racing Death Race 8 player real-time multiplayer Cargasm Harem Ghost Racee Global Leaderboard, achievements, trophies Weekly eSports tournaments, sponsored prizes from big name manufacturers
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